Seasonal recommendations

Flowers suddenly bloom on the table
Feel the arrival of spring with a sake cup made of 100% tin

A stylish glass with cherry blossoms blooming on the tabletop due to the water droplets that form when drinking a cold drink.
Since it is made from 100% pure tin, it is resistant to oxidation and has a strong antibacterial effect, and it is said that when you add water or alcohol to it, the unpleasant taste disappears, making it mellow and delicious.
Please enjoy tin ware that incorporates the seasons at home.

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KANAYA, born from a 400-year tradition of Takaoka copperware
Along with inheritance, we open the door to the next generation.

The techniques and spirit of craftsmanship that have been inherited from the history of Takaoka copperware.
KANAYA was born with the concept of ``a brand that exists with people's rich time'' by maximizing the beauty of Takaoka copperware by adding a new essence to the aesthetic sense cultivated in rich nature and time. Ta.

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