Yuki Okamoto

Metal craft artist. Born in Hiroshima Prefecture.

In 1995, she became an apprentice to Koji Mitsumura, a blacksmith who worked as an office worker at a securities company, and became a rare female blacksmith in Japan, working both domestically and internationally. He has provided works in a wide range of fields, from large lobby objects to Wacoal underwear projects. He has appeared in numerous TV and radio programs, including commercials for Shiseido and Suntory. At the same time, he has exhibited his works at exhibitions across the country, including solo exhibitions and artist exhibitions.

In 2019, we produced a trophy for the Hiroshima International Film Festival. As a craftsman, he continues to powerfully breathe life into iron at his atelier in Hiroshima. Her style, created by striking hot iron as it stretches, is supple, bewitching, and soft, and it captivates those who see it.