art fashion

Decorate metal products. Together with fashion designers and writers, we create new, iconic metal products that emphasize a sense of craft.

For people who are particular about materials and design, and for those who are looking for something that won't overlap.

Animal charm SO + 51

Manufacturing process and commitment

Casting → Polishing → Coloring
Charms and keychains made using traditional Takaoka copperware techniques have memorable designs with mysterious animal expressions.

Thoughts of a craftsman

Unique and charming animal charms are a fun and playful accent to your everyday life.

tin necklace SEN1

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Manufacturing process and commitment

Rolling → Patterning → Molding → Polishing → Processing
Each tin accessory is handmade by a metal artist. We handcraft each piece with care to capture the expression of the metal at that moment.

Thoughts of a craftsman

The luxurious and sophisticated design and metal texture changes depending on the angle and scene, making it a gorgeous addition to your neck.

Animal key chain SO+52