Tin is said to suppress the growth of bacteria and give drinks a mellow taste.

Including tableware that takes advantage of the metal properties of tin, such as its high thermal conductivity,

A collection originally developed by KANAYA and designers to make your dining table more enjoyable.

Manufacturing process and commitment

Casting → Polishing finish processing
Each piece was cast in a sand mold. Because we focus on thinness and lightness and limit the number of pieces, we cannot produce too many at once. We carefully create an exquisite polished finish that takes advantage of the cast surface. A sharp cherry blossom pattern blooms on the table.

Thoughts of a craftsman

Bringing the goodness of handiwork to your dining table. It brings buzz and fun.

Ice cream cup KA + 52

Manufacturing process and commitment

Rolling → Patterning → Forging
The metal is stretched like a plate, a pattern (like washi paper) is created on the surface while it is hot, and then it is hammered with a mallet to create the shape. Achieves a thickness that allows ice cream to melt properly due to its thermal conductivity.

Thoughts of a craftsman

Thanks to the properties of tin, which has high cold retention properties, it is a bowl that makes cold food even colder and delicious, and allows you to enjoy changing its shape.