sanitary mirror

This is an interior product for sanitary areas that is used many times during the day.

KANAYA's sanitary products do not require nailing and can be placed anywhere.

By adding it to your daily flow, you can demonstrate the essence and presence of casting.

Toilet paper holder MK + 04

Manufacturing process and commitment

Casting → Polishing → Coloring
The fine lines and surfaces of the pieces are cast smoothly, and then polished by hand, and some products are colored using traditional methods. All metal parts are made by craftsmen in Takaoka City, and the wood and stainless steel parts are also carefully made in collaboration with domestic workshops.

Thoughts of a craftsman

Products that you will see every day. We create this product with the hope of stability and good luck for those who use it.

Kanade -KANADE- YO + 01

Hikari -HIKARI- YO + 02

Breath -IBUKI- YO + 03